Sept/Oct Single! is Out!

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In This Issue:

Jesus-Voter Guide by Bishop David Kendall

Does Jesus really care about what happens in the U.S. elections? Do his person and work offer much help to his followers who will or will not vote later this year? What does Jesus know and what might Jesus contribute to this sharpening and exhausting environment of debates, ad campaigns, and mudslinging contests? One group of people supposes that Jesus is pretty much clueless on all these matters…READ MORE

Approaching Homosexuality with Empathy by Caroline J. Simon

Homosexuality, perhaps more than any other sexual issue, has historically been couched in terms of what “we” should say about “them.” In order to guard against judgmentalism… all of us, gay or straight, should cultivate both empathy and humility as elements of our process of discernment. If you are heterosexual…READ MORE

Recap on Bringing Sex into Focus

Bringing Sex into Focus is marketed as a Christian text, but I would argue it is more postmodern in its approach. Simon identifies herself as a philosopher and a Christian, but she effectively keeps her personal worldview at bay in this study. In fact, she puts her views on par with five others, which she calls lenses…READ MORE

Start a Moss Collection Today by Donna Lee Schillinger

Do you know the expression, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”? It means that if you keep moving, you won’t accumulate excess baggage – stuff and things. Well, as it turns out, moss can be a good thing. Moss can be resources – both tangible and intangible – and we, as women, need to roll into one place and start collecting some of it…READ MORE

Thrift v. Theft: What Are You Justifying to Save Money? by Julie Ann

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a friend and watched him stuff his pockets with ketchup packets so he wouldn’t have to buy his own bottle? Maybe you’ve known a girl that buys a fancy dress, tucks the tag, wears it once and returns it. Once I even read about a woman who took discarded faux flowers out of the cemetery…READ MORE

Shortcut to Santa Fe: 10 Minutes to Nopales w/Chipotle Roja on Griddlecakes by Reba Ray

Fer years now, I’ve been curious about eatin’ cactus, but ever’ time I tried one, I end up tweezin’ spines out of my fingers fer hours. I sure wonder who needs a job bad enough to be the cactus paddle de-spiner! And some of you are probably wonderin’ who is hungry enough to eat cactus…READ MORE


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