Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man

Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man

What is it? It’s gentlemanly quintessence, but NOT GQ; it’s better for you than Men’s Health and it offers better connectivity than Wired. Genuine Motivation is the godly alternative to the men’s magazine. Our pages offer bibilically-based perspectives on fitness, money management, women and being in the world, but not of the world.

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Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man online magazine is a publication of On My Own Now  Ministries. We no longer publish a page-flipping format, but we do offer fresh, relevant content on to this blog at the rate of about two new reads a week. We strive to be substancial yet fun reading for young men, as an alternative to the men’s magazine. 

Statement of Faith: Yes. Not trying to be flippant, but often people come looking for these in expectations of finding a particular denominational bent that will automatically disquality their interest. Our goal is to stick to the truth of the Word, while suggesting highly practical modern-life applications. Our volunteers comes from a number of mainstream Christian and evangelical backgrounds. The theology that is most relevant to our statement of faith is that we seek unity in the Body of Christ. So if you read something on our site that puts you in a tizzy, be sure to let us know so we can talk it out like brothers.

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We ask for nonexclusive e-rights to your article.  If you later wanted to sell the article to someone who wanted exclusive online rights, we could remove the article from our blog on your request.

Unfortunately, we don’t pay for writing; we do, however, happily link back to your home on the Web, or to a book promo page on your own Web site, publisher or vender website (like Amazon), in the author bio at the end of the article