How Do I Know He Really Loves Me?

90-min. streaming audio workshop by Christine Pembleton

Review by Cheryl Valliquette

Do you ever feel like everybody has someone – except you? Does it seem like you were the only girl you know who didn’t get an engagement or promise ring for Christmas? Rest assured, you are in good company. Like birth and death, the time of our wedding should be an hour appointed by God and if we are living obedient to His will, we really don’t need to worry about finding a spouse. Nonetheless, there’s that impatience – sort of like waiting for Christmas to come. We know God has got a great present for us, but we can just hardly wait to open it!

If you’ve got ants in your pant(ie)s, perhaps you should channel that energy into making sure you will be ready when God’s time comes. In fact, maybe this is what God is waiting on. Author Christine Pembleton can help. She offers a free, 90-minute streaming audio workshop to help you recognize that once-in-a-lifetime love when it comes your way. To be frank, the audio program promotes her book, Lord, I’m Ready to Be a Wife: Help You Go from Single to Married God’s Way and her cyber-coaching biz, “Wife in Waiting Transformation Program.”

Pembleton seeks to reach single women who really want to be married, but just aren’t. She was that woman once and she promised the Lord that if He would bless her with marriage that she would not forget what it felt like to be a woman stuck in singleness, but that she would share and help other women. She cried out to God – like the widow in Luke 18 – she wouldn’t be silent, and kept seeking. It paid off for her, and now she offers some advice for others who were in her shoes.

First of all, Pembleton says not to ask whether marriage is for you. “Know that marriage makes sense to God!” says Pembleton. Marriage is a relationship that accomplishes more than one person could alone. So it’s alright to ask the Lord to give you a husband to help you be more excellent in your strengths and to accomplish more for His glory than you could by yourself.

Maybe you’ve met someone special, but you’re wondering if he really loves you. For this predicament, Pembleton answers these three questions: What is love? How is love communicated? And what does being in love feel like? She backs her informative answers with scripture.

Regardless of your status, Pembleton’s free audio workshop will help single women to recognize their worth as God’s creation. She reminds us that God created us to be able to receive love from people around us. And when we are hurt, God is able to heal and make us whole.

We may agree with God that we deserve to be loved, but do we love ourselves? Pembleton recommends that wives in waiting will be attractive to others when they love themselves and believe in their own worth. “Don’t chase the bee,” says Pembleton, “Become honey. Embrace who you are and become the wonderful person God created you to be.

I believe Christine Pembleton has a sincere passion to help women who desire to be married to attract the man the Lord has planned for them to marry. Scripture and biblical principles are foremost in her action steps for success. So instead of waiting around for the phone to ring, let’s use our timely wisely so when the moment comes, we will be ready to be a wife.

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