Making Super Bowl Sunday Count for the Kingdom

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Prostitution at Record Highs on Game Day

Pray for the Johns Day is an opportunity to ask for God’s intervention in the lives of those who participate in and support the sexual exploitation of others — both so that they may be halted in this evil and redirected toward what good works they could yet do. The following is from a guide that includes 20 prayer prompts you can print and cut out to guide short prayer times during the Super Bowl. You will probably want to pray during natural breaks in the game such as: some or all commercial breaks; timeouts; some or all of half-time; any other breaks when you step away from the screen. If you’re hosting a party, let people know in advance if you plan to pray for the johns during the game. If only some are interested consider appointing a quiet room where people can go to pray as they wish. Pray for the men who patronize and pimp those in prostitution those who traffic and sexually exploit men and women and/or those participate in this system through their use of pornography.

Pray for them to:

  • Turn from their sin in repentance.
  • Experience God’s healing in their sexual and relational brokenness.
  • Receive God’s forgiveness.
  • Be freed from shame.
  • Discover the good works God has appointed for them to do.
  • Become agents of blessing and flourishing in their families and communities.
  • Experience the joy of the Lord.
  • Discover what they are called to and the good purpose(s)
  • Forgive those who have wounded or even abused them.

Download the PDF guide in its entirety at

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