The Recap on Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Review by Tamara Jane

Safe Haven stars Julianne Hough (Katie), Josh Duhamel (Alex), and several other big names, as well as some who are sure to have a career unfolding after this flick. This unabashed chick flick debuted on Valentine’s Day 2013, launching Hough to a new level. She has starred in some smaller roles—including a tiny role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, proportions of which I predict she will no longer accept. Many reviewers have formed new opinions of this actress after this film.

We jump into the middle of action—a young woman frantically running through a neighborhood, barefoot and scared, carrying only a plastic bag worth of personal things. While you aren’t sure what she’s running from, you can’t help but feel sorry for her. She escapes by bus and lands in the enchanting town of Southport, N.C. The seagulls peacefully glide over the ocean waves that lap the dock of the close-knit community. She takes up residence in a home secluded by woods.

Katie begins working as a waitress at a local fish shack, making some friends and eking out a living. One day, as she’s coming home from work, she finds a woman peering into her house. They become best friends, and more.

Just when she finds herself falling deeply in love with Alex, whats she has been running from catches up to her. Her husband, a cop with a drinking problem, abuses his position to search for Katie, labeling her a first-degree murderer. Alex stumbles onto the APB and confronts Katie, who responds by heading for the next ferry out of town. The truth comes out and Alex vows to protect her, but the bad cop comes back, yes, even pops out of the water after we thought he had drowned. A viewer might have seen that coming, but the film also packs some surprises I guarantee you won’t see coming (and I’m not telling!).

Overall, I found Safe Haven well worth the watch. Expect tears of happiness but also empathy during the scenes that realistically portray abuses many women will not escape

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