June/July 2013 Genuine Motivation is Here!

jun13 GM cover
Click the cover to open the page-flipping format.

The Christian Alternative to the Men’s Magazine. In this issue:

Go and Make Atheists: The Great Commission Gone Wrong

Do you look at the over-politicized, perpetually defensive,  fear-peddling, fight-picking, sign-waving, odd-talking presence that has become  the face of American Christianity and want to scream, “Are THESE my
people?” Read more in Genuine Motivation.

Spiritual Truths in Yesterday’s Meatloaf

Reading the Old Testament can be about as enticing as yesterday’s meatloaf. Here’s how to spice it up.

Escaping the Hall of Mirrors

Living life on planet earth is a lot like growing up in a fun house full of warped mirrors. We think we are ugly, funny
looking, too short, too round, too skinny or otherwise misshapen…

The Place for Help and Healing

The church body ought to be a place where people find help and healing, not where we simply voice our social media status face to face. But is it?

Beautiful Truth

Recently, an NBA player announced that he is gay. Since then, the responses have been varied. Mainstream media applauded his courage while many others shrieked in disgust. Still others shrugged their shoulders in indifference. There are Christians in
all three of these camps, but they can’t all be correct.

Read more!

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