May/June 2013 Single! is Here

cover single may 13
Click here to open the page-flipping version of Single! Young Christian Woman

In this issue:

Graduation Advice Overload?

Aren’t we glad that someone else figured out for us that the circumference of a circle is equal to the diameter multiplied by π? When it comes to math, we want to take advantage of all that has already been discovered by someone else’s experience and learn through lecture, without all the hassle and brainwork they had to endure…READ MORE

Is He Interested in Me or Not?

Remember that old Motown song “Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from you”? Apply that here. If he is not doing those things, he is not sincerely interested or interested deeply enough and the truth will set you free…READ MORE

My Disposable World

While eating my tuna fish sandwich off of a cardboard box, which had been conveniently turned into a dinner table, I had a realization: “Everything I own is disposable.” …READ MORE

Spring Formals are in the Air

Whether it’s prom, a graduation party or a formal wedding, you’ve spent a good deal of time getting ready for a magical evening, but that doesn’t mean the event will be fool proof. Wardrobe malfunctions are no respecter of persons. And at the least expected remark, you and your date could come to an impasse…READ MORE

And more!

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