Mar/April Single! is Out

Click here to open the page-flipping version of Single!
Click here to open the page-flipping version of Single!

Relationship Reality Check

The day is filled with celebration, music, dancing, toasts, cards and gifts. They achieved their dream. It was a perfect day. One year later they face each other across a mahogany table with their attorneys. Don’t let this happen to you! Check your relationship against reality with this handy inventory. READ MORE

7 Hallmarks of a Great Lover

cWhen you are seeking to find something within your relationship, you have to ontinually be committed to being the lover and the beloved: the “more blessed” giver and the “blessed” receiver. READ MORE

Use it or Lose It: Cutting Down on Food Waste

According to studies, the average American throws out about $38 worth of food each month. That’s nearly $500 per year (which adds up to a staggering $165 billion overall!).  You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to know that much waste is insane! READ MORE

The Virtue in Poverty

Were you born into a family that doesn’t have to worry about money? If so, lucky you! If not, join the club. READ MORE

Recap on Crimson Harvest

This quick but exciting read merges fantasy and reality in the story of an average teenager with spiritual struggles and bloodthirsty monsters of an ancient evil. READ MORE

Read Any Good Ones Lately?

Ever stop and think what would happen to the world, if people quit reading? What would happen to our little piece of the world if we became apathetic about reading? READ MORE

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