April/May 2013 Genuine Motivation is Here!

Click Here to Open Page-Flipping Version of Genuine Motivation
Click Here to Open Page-Flipping Version of Genuine Motivation

Rags to Riches: Pacing Yourself for the Long Run

Were you born into a family that doesn’t have to worry about money? If so, lucky you! If not, join the club. READ MORE

Ever Feel Like Jonah?

Going to all nations means that we go to all cultural groups, languages, tribes and peoples (see Revelation 5:8-10). Yet, it has been my experience that Christians tend to target two groups of people: those who are very much us and those we consider attractive. READ MORE

Juggling Non-Negotiables

It isn’t simply that there countless things to do, but there is also a broad diversity in the things that need to be done. There’s so little connection between many of those things that prioritizing them can be like juggling a dozen China dishes in the air. READ MORE

Passion & Pain

All of the numbing I have done over the years left me pretty dead inside. I came to not expect much from God—that way I wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of disappointment. READ MORE

Are You a Big Baby?

At some point, a knee was skinned, an imaginary world was overthrown… something knocked the wind out of your sails and the tears began to flow. The next thing you know, you were hearing the words that would change your life: “Cry Baby! Cry Baby!” You’ve spent every day since avoiding being called that again. READ MORE

Simplifying the Inferiority Complex

Insecurity can take us to some dangerous places, case in point: Yosemite Sam, classic inferiority complex. READ MORE

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