Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man Dec/Jan is HERE!

dec12 jan 13 cover GMClick to view the page-flipping version

The Christian Alternative to the Men’s Magazine

In this Issue:

Three Things all Christians can Agree On

A Calvinist, an Arminian and an Emergent walk into a bar. After the emergent downs a few beers, here’s what they shook hands on. READ NOW

Christmas: What’s the Point?

No, Linus Van Pelt didn’t necessarily get the whole picture, neither did Charlie Brown or Dr. Seuss. READ NOW

Time to Re-evaluate the Bucket List

There’s certainly nothing wrong with being adventurous, but how many of us have things on our bucket lists that will make an impact in the hereafter? READ NOW

Angst Birthed Hope

Do we approach this season with more sorrow, anger or confusion than we do joy? Do we wonder if God is ever going to show His face in these parts again? READ NOW

Did Isaiah Predict 9/11?

Isaiah 9:10 corresponds to the events following 9/11 in nine hair-raising ways.  READ NOW

Desperate Seeking Donations: Charities at Christmas

With 1.4 million charities in the United States, how do you know which one(s) you should support? READ NOW

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