Nov/Dec 2012 Single! is Out!

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Single! Young Christian Woman

The Christian Alternative to the Fashion Magazine.

In this issue:

Read Chick Lit? Watch Chick Flicks? Then You’ve Got Lies!

I have quite an extensive movie collection. Actually, my husband says I have an extensive “chick-flick” collection. I remember in college when my girlfriends and I would try to borrow each other’s movies. It was often a useless exercise because we would discover we already had all the same titles, like “Pride & Prejudice,” “Sense & Sensibility,” “You’ve Got Mail,”…READ MORE

Senior Pictures How-To Guide by Tamara Jane with Donna Lee Schillinger

One of young life’s milestones is approaching – graduation, be it from college or high school – which means photo op! But not  of the candid sort. It’s time for senior pictures, one of the few times in your life you get to play model—a dream come true for some, more like getting a root canal for others…READ MORE

Thrift vs. Tack: How Low Will You Go to Save? by Julie Ann

In the last edition of Spare Change, we discussed thrift verses theft—the fine line between being thrifty and essentially stealing products or services to save a dime.  But that’s not the only line you have to steer clear of when trying to live on a budget. There’s also a fine line between thrift and tackiness…READ MORE

Think This, Not That by Tommy Newberry

Many well-meaning individuals desire to be leaner or more energetic but then continue to indulge in a diet and lifestyle that takes them in the opposite direction. Consequently, they do not reach their goal. Many with the goal of increased joy run into the same predicament: they keep consuming a mental diet mismatched with their goal…READ MORE

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Depends on Your Personality by Amy Gross

I guess I’m what you would call a Hair Experimentalist. My hair has been long, short, medium (it’s currently spiky-short), and every shade of brunette and blonde out there except platinum (at least not yet), and once, a weird Sharon Osbourne shade of red when I accidentally grabbed the wrong box of color…READ MORE

Election 2012 – Win or Lose, Do it with Integrity!  by Donna Lee Schillinger

I agree with author Gary Thomas, who said, “An apathetic person is a pathetic person’” and in general, I applaud wholesome,  passionate living. Yet just like other passions, political passions run amok can be self-destructive, and in this election, I have noted that passion’s target of destruction is often the Christian character of integrity…READ MORE

Watch Out for Snakes and Other Distortions of Reality by Donna Lee Schillinger

If anything comes into contact with our senses that our brain perceives to be a threat, our attention is immediately drawn to it. Like the eight-inch earthworm I saw while I was walking today. I really wasn’t looking down or anywhere in particular, that I can recall. Just as I stepped over the earthworm, it wiggled (probably freaking out over my threatening presence)…READ MORE

4 thoughts on “Nov/Dec 2012 Single! is Out!

  1. It’s such an honor to have you following my blog! Since yours is so awesome, you made my day, thank you. Even though I am far from young, I am always very “young at heart” and I will recommend yours to other friends as well.

  2. Hello, Thanks so much for stopping on my blog! In looking through yours, I’m so pleased to have connected with you. Will be following yours.

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