Oct/Nov ’12 Genuine Motivation is Here!

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Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man

In this issue

Are You Man Enough to Worship? by Thabiti Anyabwile

It seems “manhood” is an en vogue topic these days. In recent weeks we’ve read of the juvenalization of men, what Al Mohler calls “adultolescence.” We’ve also heard of the need for the church to have a “masculine feel.” Of course, that stands in contrast to the oft-expressed concerns about the “feminization” of the church…READ ON

No Cheerleaders Here by Will Dole

we need to consider how we communicate what Christianity is to others. I believe we are being very foolish, if in our presenting the Gospel to unbelievers, or in our encouragement of young believers, we paint a picture of following Jesus that is rosier than the one Jesus paints…READ ON

The End of Faith by Thom Mollohan

Currents of popular opinion sweep about us like white-water waves swirling down a narrow ravine of everyday living. They threaten to sweep us off our feet into the wild seas of disillusionment and disappointment even while reach for more dependable things…READ ON

Think This, Not That by Tommy Newberry

Joy is a state of mind that must be purposely cultivated if you are to live and love and influence others as God intended. Fortunately, joy does not depend on the outer conditions of your material life, but rather on the inner condition of your mental life. Joy is the result of something strikingly simple, though not necessarily easy: consistently thinking joy-producing thoughts…READ ON

Promises, Promises by Rob Beames

It’s the time of year to find out who was blowing smoke. The contending teams in major league baseball are beginning to separate from the pretenders as they approach the playoff hunt in October. Both college and professional football teams have completed training camps along with all their meaningless games and are now ready to see the results of their off-season efforts, plans and scheming…READ ON

Jesus Voter Guide by Bishop David Kendall

es Jesus really care about what happens in the U.S. elections? Do his person and work offer much help to his followers who will or will not vote later this year? What does Jesus know and what might Jesus contribute to this sharpening and exhausting environment of debates, ad campaigns, and mudslinging contests?…READ ON


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