July Single! is Out

Click here to view the page-flipping version of Single! Young Christian Woman

The Christian Alternative to the Fashion Magazine.

In this issue:

Do You Desire What Really Satisfies?

Desire. It’s a pretty commonplace word and not one that the Scriptures have a problem with. After
all, perhaps one of the most popular verses in the Bible is, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He
shall give you the desires of your heart.”(Psalm 37:4 NKJV) But here’s the thing… READ MORE

Engaged and Confused

Dear Gabby: Should I marry a man who struggles with pornography? I am recently engaged and this issue just came to light in premarital counseling… READ MORE

Three Free Sins

What would we do with three free sins? Before you answer, let’s make sure the rules to this game are clear. Although we would still have the possibility of suffering consequences for the three nasty things on our lists, no matter what we do, we won’t owe God jack… READ MORE

A Burn and Bug-free Summer – Naturally

Summer = more sun and more bugs. Therefore summer = more goop on your skin to protect
from both. Unfortunately, what you can easily buy at pharmacies and departments
stores to protect you from bugs and sun actually exposes you to other toxins… READ MORE

In this Economy – Rent Anything and Everything

A few weeks ago I was walking downtown with a friend.  As we passed several people with their dogs,
we began having a discussion about how we would like to occasionally have a dog
to walk for fun, even though we don’t want to actually own one.  A rent-a-dog, if you will… READ MORE

Confession: Good for the Soul

Do you have a dirty little secret? Maybe you’ve already repented and been forgiven
of it and you wonder what is the point of confessing it? Well, here’s your
answer. Concealing evil deeds will keep us from prospering. And all the things
we imagine might happen if we confess the evil? That’s just fear… READ MORE

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