June issue of Single! Young Christian Woman is Out

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The Christian Alternative to the Fashion Magazine

In this issue:

Navigating by Dad’s Advice

When you hear the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” more than likely one person comes to mind:  Dear Ole Dad.  In general, fathers are full of good advice concerning money and finances.  In honor of Father’s Day this month, I thought it would be fun to…READ MORE

Shortcut to Spain – A Quicker Paella

One of my favorite dishes there was paella, which is a variation of the universal theme of chicken and rice, this time with some seafood thrown in. Now you should know that Spaniards take great pride in their cuisine and making paella has a certain protocol and procedure from which no self-respectin’ Spanish housewife would dare deviate…READ MORE

Separation of Church and State (the Delusion)

Most people believe that key battles in the Supreme Court, championed by atheist liberals, have eroded religious liberties in the United States. However, I  believe that Christians are probably more to blame for our battle losses. And on the white flag of surrender has been written, “Separation of church and state…READ MORE

3 Steps to Great Sex after Marriage

Sheila Wray Gregoire spends a lot of ink discussing pornography and how it damages a marriage. From lack of emotional connection to impotence, those who use pornography report less fulfilling sex lives than their PG-watching peers. If you’re thinking, “But that’s a guy problem…READ MORE

Bowing to the Blue Bird and other acts of social media idolatry by Dustin Neeley

The developing technology of social media (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and so on) can and should be used for the glory of God and the advancement of the gospel in every possible way. But natural-born idolaters like you and me are no more than a few clicks away from making this good thing a god…READ MORE

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