May 2012 Single! is Live!

Open May 2012 Single! Young Christian Woman

In this issue:

Dark Side of the Donut: My Sugar Addiction by Freda Miller

This weekend, I was finally motivated to take up the weight loss challenge, and I came across The Belly Fat Cure. Author Jorge Cruise claims that sugar is addictive.  His argument is that eating large amounts of sugar requires your pancreas to constantly make insulin, which leads to fat, especially around the waist… READ MORE

Tipping Savvy by Julie Ann

A few days ago I was walking by a cookie shop in the mall and noticed a tip jar sitting by the register. These little tip jars seem to be popping up at more and more places.  As I continued walking down the corridor smelling the aroma of chocolate chip cookies, I started thinking, “Do I really need to tip someone just for reaching in a display case, grabbing a cookie, and ringing up my purchase?”… READ MORE

Separation of Church and State (the Delusion) Part I by Donna Lee Schillinger

With Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich out of the Republican presidential primaries, Christian Republicans are in a very interesting position—one that might even be considered compromising. After the announcement that Gingrich would drop out, I exchanged emails with a politically and religious-minded friend, asking if he would now be supporting Ron Paul, since his other choice is a Mormon, a religion he considers false. His reply was predictable… READ MORE

Why Bother to Look Good (if you smell bad)? by Donna Lee Schillinger

There are basically five body areas that can undermine your confidence and good looks by attracting unwanted attention: head, underarms, underbreasts, panty area and feet. In unabashed simplicity, we’re going to straight talk our way through them all… READ MORE

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