May 2012 Genuine Motivation is Live!

Open the May 2012 issue of Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man

In this Issue:

Is Your Church a Crowd Pleaser by Will Dole

If I were asked to succinctly describe our current American evangelical landscape, I might say something along the lines of “consumer driven.”  Or perhaps “seeker sensitive.”  One pastor I know describes it as the “King thing.” And dotting this landscape are the mega churches of the suburbs. But in all reality, even many small rural churches operate in such a way as to suggest that church is about the consumer… READ MORE

Does God Really Care if I Drink Pepsi? by Donna Lee Schillinger

What could be wrong with Pepsi? Sugar, caffeine, caramel coloring? In case you haven’t come across it yet on Facebook or e-mail, the conservative Christian community is intermittently flaming about the fact that Pepsi develops products with the aid of a company called Senomyx (that’s pronounced, ironically, sin-o-mix), which is using a controversial human-derived cell in developing food flavorings and additives… READ MORE

Tipping Savvy by Julie Ann

A few days ago I was walking by a cookie shop in the mall and noticed a tip jar sitting by the register. These little tip jars seem to be popping up at more and more places.  As I continued walking down the corridor smelling the aroma of chocolate chip cookies, I started thinking, “Do I really need to tip someone just for reaching in a display case, grabbing a cookie, and ringing up my purchase?”… READ MORE

Not Yet Taken Hold by Thomas Mollohan

Christian believers in Jesus Christ are often referred to as pilgrims, not necessarily because we are physically embarking upon a literal journey to a distant land—although we may be—but rather because we perceive the temporary qualities of this earthly life and see on the horizon a home with the Living God. We are just passing through this life.  Speaking about some of the most faithful followers, the author of Hebrews says, “All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised… READ MORE

Separation of Church and State (the Delusion) Part I by Donna Lee Schillinger

With Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich out of the Republican presidential primaries, Christian Republicans are in a very interesting position—one that might even be considered compromising. After the announcement that Gingrich would drop out, I exchanged emails with a politically and religious-minded friend, asking if he would now be supporting Ron Paul, since his other choice is a Mormon, a religion he considers false. His reply was predictable… READ MORE

Right Where we Need to Be by Rob Beames

Good is good, right? If we could choose to have more and more of anything, we would pick something good over something bad every time, wouldn’t we? The answer should be obvious, but can we have too much of a good thing? Can we even receive too much good from God? Don’t think it’s possible? The next time you see Moses, ask him… READ MORE

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