April GenMo is Live!

Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man April 2012

The Christian Alternative to the Men’s Magazine. In this Issue:

These Are Our Choices? Facing our Election Fears by J.L. Williams

A popular maxim says: “Politics and religion make strange bed-bellows!” One thing’s for sure, they are in bed together during this election year as never before – especially in the Republican caucuses and primaries…READ MORE

25 Free and Useful Cyber Tools You Probably Don’t Know About by Jeffrey Bridgman

Stickynotes are great, but unless you’ve got them stuck to your clothes, they don’t go with you wherever you go. Apps like Remember the Milk or EverNote can help fill that gap. Trello goes one step further…READ MORE

Believer or Disciple? (Yes, there is a difference) by Brother Yun

Many Christians hear God’s voice calling them to catch fish for the kingdom of God, but like Peter, James and John, they don’t believe there are any fish left in the water. How often have you heard Christians say, “Nobody around here is interested in the gospel anymore,” or “People’s hearts are so hard”?…READ MORE

Repent Now! (Limited Time Offer) By Steve Brown

I have friends who like to feel pure by saying that they don’t plan sin. They suggest it sort of sneaks up on them and, before they know it, they are caught. I guess they think that, if they didn’t plan it, God will understand and love them more. Frankly, if that is true, I’m in serious trouble. Sin hardly ever sneaks up on me. In fact, most of my sins are first degree. I planned the sin, I thought about it for some time, I considered the consequences…READ MORE

and More!

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