March ’12 Genuine Motivation is Here!

Click HERE to view the page-flipping version online.

The Christian Alternative to the Men’s Magazine

In this Issue:

Where can I find assurance?

Our transformation, our purity, our growth in godliness, our moral advances and spiritual successes — Spirit-animated as it all may be — simply falls short of the sinlessness God demands.

Outbid on eBay: Alternative Online Auctions

Unless you’re the only person bidding, auctions have an element of excitement as you go for the win, but with penny auctions, the thrill is more akin to that of gambling.

A Day’s Wages for a Cappuccino

Somehow we’ve ended up on a cushy assignment here on planet earth and have the audacity to thank God for our material blessings, as we buy ourselves the newest, shiny iPosh gadget. What’s up with that?

I LOVE AMERICA (Maybe a Little Too Much)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m strong enough to be an ambassador of Christ’s kingdom in a place that’s made it so effortless to claim to be a Christian and so difficult to be distinguished as one.

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