Bible Study Resources

By Jeffrey Bridgman

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them….” I Timothy 4:16
Need some high-tech tools to help live this verse out? Try these:

Bible Study Software
E-Sword – the Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge. You can load various Bible translations, commentaries, devotions, dictionaries and graphics onto your personal PC. Most of these are free, but there are also premium modules for a fee. Everything is in a single window so you can easily scan back and forth between the Word, commentaries, and dictionaries. By clicking on a verse, you open the related commentary. Similarly, clicking on a word brings it up in the dictionary, or just hover over words and verses to get pop-up windows with the same information. Additionally, you can create your own study notes directly in the program, search the Bible, get the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, etc.
Logos – A Bible study resource with a comprehensive library just one click away. It is designed to be simple and intuitive yet extremely powerful. Type in a particular topic, person or passage and hit “Go,” and it will pull up everything related to your search, automatically organized. It includes everything you’d expect, like word studies and the ability to compare versions, but you can also set up a reading plan. In addition, it includes visuals of everything from the Temple of Israel to family trees of people in the Bible. It is available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone/iPad in various packages that range from the simple home setup, which includes 80 Bible and reference books, to what would be the equivalent of a full scholarly library containing over 1,600 books. You may experience sticker shock when you see the price, but if you consider the cost of actually buying all those books, along with the ease of use that Logos provides, it’s a steal.
Quick Verse – similar to both of the above options, but provides more functionality than E-Sword and is cheaper than Logos, a middle-ground that is a popular choice.
Online Resources
YouVersion – Bible reading with a touch of social networking. You can read the Bible online in various versions and language, set up reading plans, connect with friends to keep each other accountable for reading and share notes on scriptures with each other. There’s an app for most mobile devices as well. and are similar. They both offer Bibles, dictionaries, concordances, commentaries and various other study tools. – A quick place to look up a Bible passage or verse, as well as search by a keyword, in a number of versions in English and tons of other languages too.
Still Got Questions?

Though not exactly Bible study resources, Got Questions? and Answers in Genesis can be useful for answering questions about things related to God and the Bible.

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