Tis the Season to be a Hot Head

By Tamara Jane with Donna Lee Schillinger

Winter! Yay! I know that this is only the hundredth time I’ve said it, but I love winter! Most of us have an eye on spring already, but February is often the coldest month with the most snow and ice. It’s a great time for sporting hats, and if you didn’t get one you love for Christmas, it’s a great time for shopping for hats too, since retailers also already have their eyes on spring. Here are six sweet hats that will keep your head warm and your look cool.

The Tam Hat or the Off-the-Head BeanieI have two Tam hats, as any self-respecting Tamara should, and they are very comfortable and keep my head very warm. I think one of the most common misconceptions about the Tam hat is that it will fall off of your head. Simply not true. What I love best about the Tam hat is the variety of colors, sizes and materials they come in, and that they are usually inexpensive. Want a one-of-a-kind Tam hat? Crochet or knit your own. The Full
Beanie, with or without Pom
We’ve covered the half-beanie, now let’s look at the full beanie. With or without pom-pom top, this hat is a classic. A beanie without pom can look very elegant, if ever you need a warm head for a formal occasion.

International Beanie
Some call it the Tibetan beanie, others, the Eskimo beanie, and South American travellers will recognize this as a Peruvian or Bolivian beanie. Whatever corner of the world you encounter it, it is a stringy beanie (ha!), a knit hat with ear flaps, and sometimes a forehead flap, and strings to tie it down under the chin. This stylish beanie is actually quite functional in high winds and the coldest of colds. And you don’t need a passport to get one.

The Nobbis Hat Here’s an old world style new to the fashion scene and I’m totally in love with. A bit more expensive, but very durable, this stylish topper can add class to jeans or even cap a night out on the town.

Topless Hats
I’m gonna grant you, some people just don’t look that great in a hat. Don’t let that be reason to sacrifice your ears to frostbite, however. Here are two solutions that allow your hair to flow free and still keep your head and ears toasty.
The stretch headband is inexpensive enough to have one to match each of your basic wardrobe colors or outerware.
Ear warmers are the next generation of the old disk ear muffs. A single band lined with sherpa fleece, ear warmers wrap around the head in the back, instead of making you look like you’re wearing headphones.
These are great for those into winter sports or making snow angels.

This has really just been a primer on beanies and winter head gear, in general. When you start to surf the Internet for hats, you’ll find there has been a style explosion of hats in the last years and if you can imagine it, it has probably already been knitted, awaiting a head to sit on top of. Crafty types should look for hat patterns of their favorites, to make a hat that is functional and sentimental. Start knitting now to equip your entire Christmas gift list with wonderful winter warmness next year!

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One thought on “Tis the Season to be a Hot Head

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