5 Ways to Spare the Hair

By Tamara Jane

Each year there comes a time when, after trying to grow my hair out for so long, I find myself fighting the urge to cut it off, because I’m so tired of it. Inevitably, when I give in to this urge, I hate my new hair cut! Too late, I decide that I really did love my long hair – I just needed some variety.

So this year, I’ve come up with some simple ways to help me like my hair all over again, when it gets to that certain length. Grab a few girlfriends and try these out! I promise it will be fun, and I hope it will help you make peace with your hair!

1. Try a New Do. You would, right? But you’re fresh out of ideas. Well, how about getting together with a group of girlfriends and playing hair salon? Put a big-girl spin on it by signing up for the Virtual Hairstyler. There’s a one-time fee of $14.95 for three-months of unlimited photo uploads that you can manipulate to see how literally hundreds of different hair styles will look on you. For about as much as a cheap hair cut, you and some friends can fiddle with your virtual hair to your hearts’ content – then try some of the styles out on each other. The Web site provides step-by-step instructions for all the styles even without the paid subscription.

2. Change your part. So simple, so practical, and yet it really can make a difference. Go a little farther to the side to add drama. Part right down the center to better frame your face.

3. Get bangs. “But I’ve already got bangs,” you say? Then get new bangs. Bangs can look very different, depending on how they’re done. Learn more and see some different styles by checking out “Bang Hairstyles and Their Benefits,” and then follow the links to other bang articles to get a great new vision of how bangs can change your look.

4. Layer. Layers can totally change the look of your hair without taking off any length. They take off weight, allowing the hair on the crown of your head to spring up with more body. Careful how short you go with the layers if you want to keep the ability to put your hair up quickly.

5. Change the color or highlight. This can be scary if you’ve never colored your hair, but today’s products are gentle and, if you follow the directions (!), kind of hard to screw up. Coloring is much easier than highlighting, so if you’re new to this, try a wholesale color change first. The rainbow’s the limit these days, but just remember that people will judge you – however unfair that may be – based on your crazy hair color. If you work with the public and value your job, do yourself a favor and stay within your natural color range and try to match your skin tone. Learn more by reading “Hair Color: Two Rules for Success.”

Any one of these ideas can give you a new appreciation for your hair, and try two or three of these ideas together to really mix it up without taking off length. Finally, if nothing satisfies and that hair just has to go, revisit Hairstyler.com to pick out a do that’s right for you before you head to the salon.

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