An Awesome Summer Vacation

If reading Katlyn Stephens’ adventures in Tanzania has given you itchy feet but you think, “No way I could afford it,” think again. There are a lot of former trailblazers now past their traveling prime who would gladly contribute $100 to see a young person experience the thrill of international travel – IF, it’s for a God cause.

If you’ve got a burning desire to go on a mission adventure, but lack the pocketbook for it, how about stepping out on faith and trusting the Creator of the Universe, the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills, to provide for this need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus? Well, how about it?

Stop using your over-analyzing noggin and click through right now to one of these short-term mission finding organizations and start the application process today. If you don’t do it now, you probably won’t be able to get in on a trip this summer.

As soon as you click the link, close your eyes while the page loads and whisper a prayer something like this, “Heavenly Father, if it is Your will for me to serve in Your name in a foreign country, I am willing to go. Make it so, Father! I ask for your Holy Spirit to control my choices right now to lead me to Your will for me in this matter. In the most awesome name in the universe, the only source of good and love, and the name of your son Jesus Christ, so be it!”

Keep that prayer thing going at each step of the application process. You can expect something like this: You find a trip that looks good, fits your schedule and your spiritual gifts and skills. (Working with children? Construction? A medical trip?) You express interest via an online form or e-mail. You hear back within a few days and receive a more detailed application, which you need to start on without delay. If you put it to the side, Satan will try to distract you so you keep it to the side. The organization will approve your application and then send you instructions on how to get your travel documents ready and fundraise for your trip.

Feel funny asking for money to go on an international trip? Get over it! That’s pride and if you give in to it, you’ll be shorting three parties a huge blessing: yourself, the potential giver and the people you would have reached on the mission trip. Wrap your mind around that reality and asking for money won’t seem so funny.

Have I put this to you boldly enough? Well, just in case: You need to get on a plane and get your butt to work for the Lord. Now go! Oh, and send me a post card, will ya? (Donna Schillinger, PO Box 573, Clarksville, AR 72830)

Short Term

Christian, the Short Term Missions page


OM International For our international readers: This link allows you to set your home location to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK or the US.

Christian, the Short Term Missions page

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