Parental Love and Other Mysteries

Recently, we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is just around the corner. My parents came to visit a few weeks ago, in part to watch the commencement ceremony in which Boyfriend became Dr. Boyfriend, and in part so we could all be together on Mother’s Day. Wait, what? My parents came to visit me to sit for four long hours to watch someone else’s kid graduate; and they came to see me so we could be together on Mom’s day.

These parental units of mine have a tendency to be freakishly selfless. My mom is one of those people who, when you listen to them talk about their kids, you know there’s nothing in the world they’d rather talk about, think about, pray about or care about. My dad is a little less conversational about it, but his love for me is obvious in other ways. He’ll work to exhaustion for his family, only to sit down for a many-hours-long conversation about life, love and other mysteries (to borrow a line from Point of Grace).

Would you like to know what we did that weekend besides go to graduation? My mom helped me work in the yard. She cooked a couple times, washed the dishes while I was getting dressed, and she spent many hours working outside in the chilly, drizzling rain to help me complete a few yard projects. She also brought me curtains that she had found on sale, as well as a bag full of goodies from Goodwill, and we went shopping together to look for things for my home. My dad looked over my air conditioner unit to make sure it’s in shape for the upcoming summer, and he also helped by re-installing a curtain rod that had partially come out of the wall. My mom said he hates taking pictures, but he sure took several during Dr. Boyfriend’s graduation.

I don’t ever want to live with my parents again, and I am beyond happy about being on my own, but I don’t know how independent I could be without their help… ok, yes, I get the irony. My parents have enabled me, empowered me and imbued me with knowledge. They have given me and taught me everything I need. When I don’t know enough about something, my dad stays on the phone while I work through my taxes; my mom shows me the best way to start a new African Violet plant; and they both do whatever it takes to keep my head on straight. I’d be lost without them.

We all know that the Bible says to honor our parents and whereas I may not always be very good at that, I hope they both know that I wouldn’t be any good at this being on my own thing without their upbringing. Not everyone has parents as loving as mine; and if that describes you, I hope you’ll remember that God is the Abba Father who is Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Best Friend, Counselor, Neighbor, Teacher – all in all. And for those of you whose parents are totally awesome: I hope you never take them for granted.

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