Hey, It’s Free!

When I recently tried to give away a $250 Visa gift card as an incentive to increase readership of this ezine, Single Young Christian Woman, I learned how jaded people have become when it comes to hearing the word “free.” We love free stuff, but haven’t we all been promised a free digital camera, free iphone, or laptop computer just for completing a brief survey and taking advantage of two of these special offers? Free has morphed into a word that means “with strings attached.” Well, as Ruth Neilson of Alabama, the winner of that $250 Visa gift card giveaway can tell you, there are still a few free things in life with no strings attached. The trouble is finding them right? We don’t have time to sift through hundreds of bogus offers just to find the few that are legit.

Apparently though, someone has that kind of time. His name is Goob and he describes himself as the “coolest person in the world.” I don’t if that’s true, but I have been grateful to Goob for several freebies he’s passed my way. For instance, I got several free Red Box DVD rentals thanks to Goob, I got free dog food samples tomato seeds. OK, it’s not going to replace a part-time job or anything, and most of what Goob finds for free I’m not remotely interested in, but he does come up with some good things every week. Another great bonus service is that Goob sends links to all kinds of dining out coupon offers and grocery coupons too that would take me a long time surfing the net to find. And these are places you like to eat and groceries people actually use. Besides being fun for the free stuff, I really think this site can save you money if you will take advantage of it. Subscribe to his daily freebie email www.heyitsfree.net and start raking in the free stuff. 

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