Easy Chicken Florentine Pizza

I love me some pizza! As much as I’m in to healthy cookin and all, pizza is among my top 5 favorite foods. And it dudn’t much matter to me where it comes from as long as it’s not from my grocer’s freezer. I’m yet to find a boxed pizza that floats my boat. If I’m gonna eat pizza at home, it’s either delivery (take out if you live in the boonies) or it’s make it my dern self. And if I want healthy pizza at home, my options are down to one: make it my dern self.


Girls, I’m not gonna go Amish on ya er nothin’ – let’s keep it real and keep it simple and just use that not-so-healthy, but not-awfully-unhealthy-either refrigerated pizza dough you can find in a rolled can near the biscuits and the orange juice in the grocery store. That pudgy Do-Boy makes it and in my neck of the woods, there’s a generic Wal-Mart store brand variety too, which is too dern close to call as far as taste goes.


– 1 can refrigerated pizza dough

– 1 jar Alfredo sauce

– 1 package frozen chopped spinach

– 1 pound chicken breast

– 4 oz. mozzarella cheese

– Salt, pepper, garlic powder and other herbs and spices to taste


Preheat the oven according to the pizza dough package directions. Spray a skillet with cooking spray and cook the chicken breast over medium heat. I like to just put those big ole chicken breasts in the pan and let em cook about 4 minutes on each side, then slap em on a cutting board and cut em into the size chunks I’m gonna need for my recipe. In this case, that would be small strips. Then I toss my cut up chicken back in the skillet and let it cook a few more minutes until I don’t see hide nor hair of any pink. Why don’t you throw some salt and pepper and garlic and such – maybe Italian seasonings if it catches yur fancy – on that chicken in the pan. 


While the chicken is cooking, cook the spinach according to the instructions and then drain off all the liquid. I would even toss it back in the pot and cook it a minute or two more after you drain it just to steam off the last of that liquid. You don’t wanna a runny pizza do ya? Is yur cheese grated already? Well, OK then. If not, grate yur cheese and then we’ll be ready to put this all together.


On a lightly oiled or sprayed (with cooking spray) cookie sheet, pop open that pizza dough (watch it! Those suckers have been know to scare the begeebas out of me when they explode!) and spread it out on yur pan. If you like thin crust, stretch it clear across the pan. If you like thick crust, just lay it out straight from the can without messing with it. Take yur Alfredo sauce and pour it out on that crust – keep it about a half an inch from the edge so it dudn’t run off. Now sprinkle (in as much as it can be “sprinked”) the chopped spinach on top of the saucy dough. Next scatter yur chicken around and lastly, sprinkle the shredded mozzarella. You don’t have to use all the Alfredo sauce or spinach. Just add the ingredients according to yur liking. If you’ve got a cup or so of sauce and spinach left, how about putting it in a tight-seal rubber container in yur fridge and throw it over some whole wheat pasta for lunch tomorrow.


Now, pop that sucker in the oven for about 18 to 20 minutes, more for crispier pizza. Cut this up into at least six pieces. Don’t you dare sit down and eat half this pizza in one setting. That would undo any “healthy” about this recipe. And don’t you make breadsticks to go with it either! You got enough white bread for one day in a generous slice of pizza. Why don’t you make yurself a green salad with some olive oil vinaigrette or something, and a bunch of red grapes for dessert. Wrap up that left over pizza in foil and eat on it for a couple more meals this week. Pizza leftovers are the best!

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