A Lesson in How to do Just About Anything (rated PG or lower)

I have a confession to make: Since I’ve been married, about 6 years now, I’ve given up fixing things. During my many single years, when something went wrong or broke or needed to be done – I tried to figure it out on my own, or find the cheapest way possible to get it done by someone else. I don’t think I ever called a repair man in my 37 single years. But now, I’ve become lazy and dependent on my capable husband. Shame on me. It’s quite sexist of me to think that just because he’s a man, he somehow innately knows how to fix things. He does pretty well, but recently, we had this problem that he was quite clueless about: a leaking refrigerator. Being the daughter of an appliance repairman, I knew this was not a hard fix, but I just couldn’t recall from childhood what the simple solution was. So for several months, we just bailed out the crisper. How ridiculous! Finally, I got fed up and resorted to my former, single-self resourcefulness and determined that I could find the solution on the Internet. You know, it was so easy, I’m embarrassed to admit how quickly I found the solution and how little time it took to implement it, considering the length of time we bailed water from the bottom of the fridge!

Don’t be as silly as I was! Here is a link to one Web page on an obscure Web site called Dumb Little Man, that primarily interests me for having pulled together on one page 15 great resources –  many of them in video – for finding out how to do just about anything. Check it out at http://www.dumblittleman.com/2008/07/15-awesome-tutorial-websites-you.html. If you didn’t catch that URL, log on to www.OnMyOwnNow.com  and find it on my Tool Box page or Google “15 Awesome Tutorial Websites.”


That’s it for this March 2009 edition of Single! Young Christian Woman.  For this e-zine in writing, to say, double check some of those URLs, log on to http://www.OMON.com.

Next month, we’ll be launching a redesign of this podcast with each of the columnists recording their own stuff.  We’re also redesigning the Web version of this e-zine. So stay tuned at http://www.OnMyOwnNow.com.

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