Express Your Individuality with Socks

by Gwendolyn Anderson

I’m not one to jump at fads, but a new one has recently hit that I have to confess, I love: Converse sneakers and knee-high socks. I’m crazy about that combination! Not long ago, I saw a poster that said, “Pick your friends by the color of their socks.” OK, that’s extreme (if not shallow), but I do agree that socks can say a little something about a person – especially with the explosion of styles and fabric designs that have hit the stores lately.


For example, I saw a girl with Playboy Bunny socks, and I have to admit, “Nasty” was among my uncensored thoughts. Then again, when I see someone with the guts to wear warm fuzzy socks I tend to think she must be a pretty nice person. (I love fuzzy socks – if you don’t have a pair, you must get some for yourself with the cash you got for Christmas. They are crazy cheap now – I saw them at Dollar General for $2, and at JC Penny, they were on sale for $2.99. Even on your own, on a budget, you can splurge on the luxury of fuzzy socks, which also have a very practical application of keeping your tootsies warm in winter!)


My personal favorites are thigh high socks, they go just over the knee or sometimes higher (especially if you’re vertically challenged). I have a bunch of them and my friends and I get big kicks out of wearing them when we go out together or are going to be in the same class or something. We get looks – some people probably think we’re goofy – but we think we’re so cool with our awesome socks! One note: these extra long socks can be sexy and too suggestive depending on what you pair with them. Fortunately, this is NOT a summer thing, so the temptation to put some boy shorts on with snuggly thigh-high socks is minimal. I think my best look yet with knee-highs has been in combination with rolled up fuzzy PJ bottoms. (Are you starting to worry about me?)


I had on some black socks with pink hearts, my high-top black Converses and my PJ pants rolled up and I modeled it for my mom and declared to her that I was going to start a new fashion trend. She highly advised me against it, citing something about my reputation and credibility, bla, bla, bla. I don’t care, I will do it anyway! It’s fun! Finally, a fashion trend that modest, Godly girls can boldly jump in to with both feet! (ooh, that was bad) When I ask myself, “What would Jesus wear,” it’s clear, He would have loved fun socks.

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